If you have been chasing deadlines, losing patience while juggling home and work responsibilities during this uncertain time, then ‘The productivity blueprint’ is for you!

You can save up to 43%* time in negotiations, decision making and difficult conversations.

Proven ICF Neuroscience tools to customise your blueprint and give you 57%* more clarity.

Tried and tested ICF Neuroscience coaching to make you 28%* more mindful.

74%* more control and ownership on your decisions and resources, including your time.

Your blueprint for productivity, should include you. Your beliefs supporting your choices and decisions, should include you. Your behaviour and patterns navigating your life, should include you. If you are ready to choose an inclusive program for you, where you support yourself, succeed effortlessly and adapt to life with enhanced productivity…then don’t waste even one more day. Get a sneak peek of the program through the video below!

I am not offering you a one day miracle. I am offering you a window of awareness to learn how effortless you can make your life by applying neuroscience. This is a discreet, confidential program that is customised for your specific needs. Whether it is a habit change, a productivity goal, a growth target or a new skill, you can unlock and access new resources and possibilities with this program and achieve double in half the time. If you want to know more about this gold standard ICF program share your details with us below. 

Write to [email protected] with your full name, phone number, work -designation, city, country and preferable date and time to schedule a free exploratory call for 20 minutes to know more* with Team Coach Alka