Setting Intentions for Fearless Future Self

This podcast can be combined with the Beliefs Journal for help me focus on living empowered on purpose.

This is how I set my intentions for a Fearless Future Self. I create my own life experience. I cannot control or change anything outside of self, and by accepting this, I change everything outside of myself.

Triggers are not to be avoided. They are showing me what needs to be healed. I will see every such trigger with a sense of curiosity. I will interact with every person and situation with a clarity of distance, without judging them or judging myself. My power lies in conscious awareness in the present moment.

The stories created in my mind create suffering and I work to release them. The beliefs that I hold for so long are there to protect me, but might not be serving me for my future.

I choose to reframe these beliefs, so that I can live life fearlessly. I have a purpose and I will show up everyday to see this manifest. I am not my thoughts. I am the awareness beyond them.

Transformation is an opportunity. I embrace transformation. I support transformation. I am transformation.

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