It’s that time of the year, when we set our goals so it’s a good idea to find out if we are doing this the right way!

Are you meeting your goals or missing out?

Think back to a time when you set yourself a goal but didn’t achieve it. Perhaps you planned to get fitter, or learn a new language.

You probably felt frustrated when you realized that you’d failed. But did you reflect on what went wrong, and think about how you could improve next time?

If you repeatedly miss the targets that you’ve set yourself at work, you may find that your career begins to stall. For example, if you keep failing to develop new skills, other team members might get promoted ahead of you. And if you become known as someone who sets goals but doesn’t achieve them, this can affect your professional reputation.

Take our short quiz on your current goal-setting approach, and to learn about some of the obstacles that can get in your way.

Part 1

Give yourself a numerical score

1 Not at All | 2 Rarely | 3 Sometimes | 4 Often | 5 Very Often

  1. If I’m struggling to meet a goal, I set sub-goals to renew my motivation.
  2. I tie my work-related objectives to personal ambitions.
  3. I celebrate my success when I hit my targets, and I thank the people who helped me.
  4. I regularly monitor how I am doing, so that I can measure how well I’m progressing towards my goals.
  5. I seek out tools that help me reach my goals.
  6. When I make new plans, I reflect on my existing commitments to make sure that I don’t take on too much.
  7. I look for ways to build goals into my daily life by developing new habits.

Add your Total Score = Total Score # 1

Part 2

Give yourself a numerical score ( Note the scale has reversed)

5 Not at All | 4 Rarely | 3 Sometimes | 2 Often | 1 Very Often

  1. I set lots of goals in the hope that I will achieve some of them.
  2. I find that my targets are too ambitious.
  3. I don’t celebrate success until I’ve achieved a goal.
  4. I set low standards so that my goals are easy to meet.
  5. I don’t ask for support from friends and colleagues if I become demotivated.
  6. I think about what my boss or family wants me to achieve when I set personal goals.
  7. My personal values aren’t relevant to my work-related objectives.
  8. I don’t set an end date for achieving my goals, so that I give myself plenty of time.
  9. If I fail to meet a target, I move on without reflecting on what went wrong.
  10. I get excited by new ideas and I flit from goal to goal without achieving anything.
  11. I enjoy planning how to achieve goals, but then get bored by the mundane work of delivering them.

Add your Total Score= Total Score# 2

Add your Grand Total Score= Total Score# 1 + Total Score# 2


Score Interpretation

Score Comment
18-41 You probably don’t meet many of your goals because you’re not setting them realistically. They may be overambitious or unclear, or you might lose motivation because your goals aren’t connected to your personal ambitions.

Perhaps you enjoy planning your goals, but get bored by the day-to-day work needed to achieve them, or you may flit from one goal to another without ever achieving any of them.

Whatever the reason, don’t let your past experiences dent your confidence. Improve your goal-setting skills, and boost your chances of achieving your goals.

42-66 Although you meet some of your goals – which may be those that are most connected to your values and long-term plans – you sometimes fall short on others.

Do you find that you get overwhelmed by other commitments as you progress towards a goal, do you struggle with self-discipline, or, do you find it hard to form new habits when working towards your goals?

You can overcome these obstacles and boost your self-motivation.

67-90 Congratulations – you set yourself realistic goals, and you’ve found plenty of ways to support yourself as you work towards them. Your colleagues are likely to admire you for the way you set yourself targets and work diligently to meet them.

Don’t forget that experience can be the best teacher. Reflect on previous successes and failures to make sure that you continue to set SMART goals.

You’re in a great position to offer advice to others on goal setting.

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Happy Goal Setting!

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