Let’s start with an honest conversation. Allow me to rephrase. Let me start with an honest conversation. 

How many times in a day do we feel that we hold on too long to the sad, sloppy part of life. Way too long… We hold on till the pain of holding on and controlling our life becomes bigger than the fear of letting go. Till it stops making sense. Till it stops adding up. Till it slips. And then we do it anyway. 

Enough is Enough, Really

What happens in that one moment that forces us to change everything? What is the power of the realisation in that moment, that makes us sit up and take action?

What makes us say – “Enough is enough. It’s over. I have wasted enough time on this. I have lost a lot of time, precious time, waiting for it to end. I have dragged this dead-end situation, way beyond its expiry date. I can’t take it anymore. It’s either now or never. I have had it. And I am through with it. I don’t want to carry on this nonsense anymore. Not a second. Not even a quarter of a second. It’s just not worth anything.” 

It’s like a ticking bomb. We ignore it incident after incident. We swallow our feelings. Brush them aside. Logically numb our emotions. Get busy with something. Anything. Till we fall on our face, trying to keep up with the lie. 

A point of no-return

And then we get emotionally swamped. When all our little lies catch up with us. When our self betrayal sees us in the eye. And our energy, tossed around, drained into this infested black hole, overflows like a raging river. Creating a new path altogether, where no path existed. 

This is where our fear of loss disappears. This is where our attachment to what never was fades away. This is where we stop fooling ourselves. And yes, it is a point of clarity. This is our first milestone of awareness and surprisingly relief. 

It is a saturation point. A point of no-return. This is where we know we have to change our life. 

Can we change our life?

We can. We can own our decisions, path and journey, including our mistakes. And we have to do the work. At least our work. And then as we build what we seek, as we learn, fail, pick ourselves up and move to more obstacles and opportunities, we learn more about ourselves. 

We learn to trust ourselves. We learn what we are good at. We learn what we suck at. We learn how we learn better. We learn how we make mistakes. Then we make more mistakes. And we don’t stop. We can’t. It becomes easy. It becomes fun. It becomes like a game. And we start enjoying it. Because we understand this is life. And we own all of it, our learning, our mistakes, all of it, because like our life our mistakes are our own. 

Can I find the answers?

And no one can do anything to help us. No one but us. And that is how it should be. Isn’t that the reason we all have our very own brain?

This seems too simple. But it’s more complicated isn’t it?

So let us understand why and how this happens. Where does this start? How does this link together? Let us start by processing this better. 

We need to become more aware of our emotions.

We need to acknowledge them with respect. 

We need to listen to ourselves, with empathy to understand why we feel, what we feel.

We need to label the emotions we feel. The exact words.

We need to listen, understand and acknowledge without judgement, opinions or preconceived thoughts. No disapproval. No dismissal. We just need to be there.

We need to demonstrate our love and acceptance to ourselves by listening to ourselves. Patiently. Treating ourselves as a priority. And then feed this back to our internal guide to secure trust on doing new things, moving outside our comfort zone and building our new story empowered.

But how? What’s the process? Is it possible?

Watch this video story of mine on how I re-surfaced with coaching and reconnected with my lost self. Today, I help others emerge out from their dark zones to live life again. 

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